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10 Tips to creating the ultimate Revit Training Program

As my first piece of advice, the key to success in any training program is to balance and give importance to organization and methodology along with technical and practical training content. 

Ideally, your staff training should be thought of as a program rather than an isolated one-time event. Your program should contain specific objectives that your training program aims to achieve. 

For this reason, I’m dividing these ten tips into five generic ones (tips that apply to all training programs) and five specific to Revit.

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The knowledge base Contest

Why? It’s a fundamental question we all learn at a young age. The drive to understand why we do what we do is as human as eating or breathing. Why do we work? Putting deep philosophy aside, most of us work to pay our bills. At work, there are different levels of participation. We all have additional drivers, various day-to-day responsibilities, and differing needs for our software, tools, and interaction levels with other employees.

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Upskill from Home

After launching Voyansi at a time when most of the world was shutting down, we knew we had to be prepared for a new normal of how we would manage communication and support with our clients. In our case, our industry is better suited than most to succeed in the work-from-home paradigm. Virtual desktops, cloud-based collaboration tools, industry webinars are among many of the different ways we can continue to push productivity while also supporting the national and global efforts to maintain some degree of distance from the broader population.

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